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Within seconds a visitor to your social media account will make a judgment. They will judge if your company is reputable, professional and trustworthy in the first 5 seconds simply by glancing through your social media account. HYPE Social makes sure your social media looks cutting edge, professional and up to date. Our team of expert graphic designers and researchers will be your social media design department at a fraction of the cost of even an entry level designer. Take a look around and see why you need HYPE Social.
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How Hype Social Works

We handle all of your content creation and Social Media Posts Designing.
So you can work on your business, not in it.

Content Creation

We will create custom graphics formatted for multiple platforms in the style and theme you choose, using only high-quality images & graphics, for an eye-catching first impression. Content is considered to be the KING in digital marketing, so we make sure to create exclusively engaging and killer content.

Posts Designing for Branding

Our Designing team will assist in creating persuasive and professional Branding posts for all of your business. Our initial onboard team will make sure we understand your goals and develop the best possible flow to get you results whether it be traffic to your website or capturing new leads.

Amazing Results

We will design quality graphics for your social media and website campaigns that will bring you the best results and a lot of clicks to boost your sales and generate more leads.

Here's Why You Need To Hype Social Works

Your brand needs a quick boost and recognition in the market. Let hype do it for your brand and make your business talk of the town.
Visitors to your social media accounts will conclude on your brand, product, or service almost instantly by the quality of your content.
When your social media is frequently updated with valuable and relevant content your brand, product, or service is viewed as a trusted and reliable source which will turn into rocket fuel for you.
A dedicated social media manager can run anywhere from $32k to $120k per year. With HYPE SOCIAL you get an entire team dedicated to making sure your social media rocks for a fraction of the cost.
Social media can take up countless hours per day that you could be working on your business rather than getting distracted or overwhelmed with keeping up to date with content.

How We Manage Your Work

Select The Best Graphics
After you sign up you will receive a secure log-in where you can manage your HYPE Social account. In your user area you will receive graphics from the HYPE designer assigned to you and you will be able to review and approve for further proceedings. Your user area also gives you the ability to communicate directly with your assigned account manager, update/change any post, styling, color scheme and more. Sign up today and see what the HYPE is all about!

Review and Post. It's that Simple!

We know your time is limited which is why we've made the process streamlined and efficient. Once our designers complete your graphics you will be notified and can review the work to suggest edits or changes. Once you approve the graphics, we will proceed onto the next task. These times can be edited by you with the click of a button. The process is fast and easy and allows you to go about your business day knowing your social media is streamlined for the full month.
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Since 2009 HYPE SOCIAL has helped build some of the biggest brands, influencer pages, products, and services. You are guaranteed to have an appealing, high-quality social media presence that is managed and operated effectively and efficiently.
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HYPE Social not only gives you beautiful up to date content it also gives you freedom as a business owner or influencer. You can focus on your business rather than having to stay glued to your smartphone just to keep your social accounts up to date. Let's get started...
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